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November 17, 2021 / STAF Linear Guides (Taiwan)

Mechanical components and tools are in high demand in various sectors. By focusing on quality products and services tailored to each customer’s requirements, Shafttech has brought the right resources to every small, medium, and large-scale project.

Shafttech has become one of the leading stockists and suppliers in mechanical components. Industries from all sectors, including Cement, Conveyor systems, OEMs, Machinery, Steel, Shipbuilding, Mechanical, and many others, have turned to Shafttech for precision mechanical components and modern industrial solutions.

Shafttech carries over 30 brands of products due to high sourcing expertise from trusted factories and buying houses. With the availability of three extensive inventory warehouses, located in Singapore, Shafttech controls large stock capabilities to cope with the increasing sales volume locally. Additionally, Shafttech has expanded its operations in 4 other countries, allowing us to achieve an excellent distribution network.

Shafttech – A Powerhouse of Mechanical Products

As a leading global distributor of high-quality mechanical products, Shafttech offers an extensive range of products such as Bearings, Linear Bearings, Shafts, Linear Guides, Ball Screws, Cam followers, Pillow Blocks, Roller Chains, Gearbox, and Sprockets. We carry numerous brands for these products.


Bearings are a type of mechanical part that is crucial for rotary applications.

Shafttech humbly established as a bearing trading house in 2002. Over the years, we have supplied only reliable brands of bearings. Some of these brands include NTN, EZO, ISC, NSK, SKF, TIMKEN, MCGILL, and ABI.

Shafttech is exceptionally known for the supply of Miniature bearings ; (i.e bearings of sizes typically below 10mm). We carry stock for the entire range of miniature bearings – like stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, high temperature, flange, open and eccentric types.

With a comprehensive inventory in this category, we have supported substantial projects for OEMs, contract manufacturers (CMs) and traders globally. We offer miniature bearings that fulfil different requirements of higher quality Japan brands such as EZO, ISC and NSK at affordable prices, which is lower than the market rate. Additionally, we also strive to provide standard quality ABI (China) for projects that require a more cost-effective solution.

Stainless steel, Plastic and Ceramic Bearings

Notably, Shafttech is very strong in supplying Stainless steel, plastic and ceramic bearings under the ABI brand, globally. Stainless steel bearings usually come in the market standard SUS440C material. Plastic bearings are supplied with Glass or POM balls, enclosed in POM housing. We have also been supplying regular batches of high temperature and ceramic bearings locally and overseas for customers whose applications involve harsher conditions. Ceramic bearing material that we supply ranges from the standard ZRO2 and PTFE to the higher-grade PEEK and Si3N4. We allow customers to specify these materials for different parts of the bearings, which gives customized solutions to their needs.

Pillow Blocks

Pillow blocks consist of a housing and a bearing unit, which are usually supplied together. These items are manufactured with cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel and even plastic material.

We pride ourselves on our supply of stainless steel pillow blocks. Shafttech carries mainly popular brands that offer high quality and competitive prices – ABI, ASAHI, and NTN. With guaranteed high quality and a strong source, Shafttech has supplied these pillow blocks to over 10 countries across the world on a recurring basis. We have also maintained an extensive stock volume for pillow blocks in Singapore and other branches.

Other than stainless steel material, we are also able to supply ceramic and plastic pillow blocks with the shortest lead time in the market.

Linear Bearings

One of Shafttech’s most successful brands is SNB. This brand carries Linear Bush, Shafts, Pressed Steel Linear Bush, Flanged Linear Bush, and Linear Bearing Slide Units, and Support rail Units.

Shafttech was awarded as “The Sole Distributorship” of SNB in 2012 and has since been known as a sub-distributor of Southeast Asia. Shafttech and SNB’s partnership has flourished over the years. Due to Shafttech’s wide network and SNB’s support on quality and delivery, they both are clinching large scale projects from all around the world.

Shafttech now receives goods shipment from the SNB factory almost every week, maintaining inventory strength and reliance from customers.

SNB’s various range of linear products has also continued to expand. They haven’t now only covered the standard range of linear bush but also have the special sizes that belong to competitor brands.

This makes SNB extremely competitive and one of the best linear brands in the market currently. Other brands that Shafttech carries include TSK, THK, IKO, and THOMSON.

Linear Guides and Ball Screws

Linear Guides and ball screws are linear systems that work in high precision linear motion and can transport heavy loads.

Shafttech is also the sole distributor of STAF in Southeast Asia. Basically, STAF is a Taiwan manufacturer of high-quality linear guides and ball screws. The products of STAF brand are manufactured through cutting-edge nanotechnology that got numerous awards in Taiwan. They are popular for producing the best quality linear guides in Taiwan.

STAF linear guides and ball screws are comparable to their Japan and USA counterparts, enabling them to have a desirable market position. With a long-standing relationship with the factory, Shafttech is able to support customers with low cost yet guaranteed high-quality products. Our warehouses carry a huge inventory for STAF linear guides, ranging from miniature guides to standard guides sizes. STAF has also continued to innovate and launched several new products over the past few days, including the new metal retainer and wide block series.

Cam Followers

Cam follower is also known as track followers. These are available in a variety of designs but are generally made with an extra thick outer ring.

Shafttech showcases strong sourcing strength especially in Cam followers. We carry brands IKO, INA, and ABI, giving customers a wide range of selection.

Customers often turn to us for our expertise and network, as we are always able to supply cam followers with the shortest lead time in the market. We also have a good range of cam followers’ stock in common types and sizes, fulfilling customers’ requirements swiftly.

Roller Chains

Roller chains are one of the primary systems most commonly used in industry to transfer power and convey products. It’s a versatile and reliable method used in many industries, including food machinery and many others.

Roller chains are modest, safe, and effective means of power transmission. These versatile chains are used in lifting heavy loads or transporting products.

Shafttech carries the Fenner, Renold and MTM brand of roller chains.


A gearbox is a mechanical tool used to improve the output torque or to change the speed (RPM) of a motor. The physical elements of gearboxes differ from one gearbox type to another.

Shafttech is delivering the worm gearbox of the SITI brand.

The types of gearbox available are worm gearbox, helical inline gearbox, bevel helical gearbox, bevel gearbox, parallel shaft gearbox, planetary gearbox.


Sprockets are a profiled roller with teeth or cogs that fit with a chain, which keeps a chain moving. It generally applies to any wheel upon which radial projections engage a chain passing over it. The overall function of this device is to transmit rotary motion between two shafts.


A belt is a loop that connects two or more rotating shafts mechanically. It is made of flexible material, so it can transmit power efficiently or track relative movement.

The belt can either drive the pulleys normally in one direction or be crossed. So, the direction of the driven shaft is changed.

Shafttech is the distributor for Fenner Brand in Malaysia. Fenner is especially strong in V belts.

Couplings (Fenner/ MTM) 

A coupling is a mechanical component that links two shafts together to transmit the power. It introduces protection against overloads.

Shafttech carries Fenner and MTM couplings including Tyre couplings, Chain couplings, Disc couplings, Elastomer, Miniature, HRC, Jaw, Rigid couplings

Wrapping Up

By maintaining strong partnerships with all brand providers, Shafttech attains a wide distribution network among various countries. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today if you have any queries regarding any of our products.

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