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Buy easily and Track immediately

The brand new Shafttech website offers not just a new look, but a new Dashboard platform that allows you to manage your quotations and orders online. Confirm your orders online easily and track your order status immediately. We have also expanded our database to include over 1 million mechanical products with catalogues and drawings to […]


Ceramic Bearings VS Steel- Are Ceramic bearings worth the price?

  What are the benefits of Ceramic bearings versus steel? Why do ceramic bearings cost more? Are hybrid ceramic bearings better than steel bearings? How does ceramic ball bearings compare to stainless steel? Does using ceramic bearings translate to better performance on bicycles or skateboards/ longboards? If you are looking for answers to these questions, […]

Linear Bearing Lubrication – Tips on what to use and how to use

  Choosing the right lubrication and ensuring sufficient lubrication are vital factors in prolonging the lifespan of linear motion applications. When a linear apparatus is lubricated, it creates a barrier between the rolling element (e.g. steel ball) and the sliding contact surface which is usually either a shaft, screw shaft or rail. This barrier reduces […]

Top Five Errors that people make in using Linear Guides

  1. Misalignment in parallelism Linear guides are often used in a two-rail system, where rail parallelism plays an important part in ensuring accuracy. When the rails are not installed with proper alignment, it will severely affect the performance of the linear guide speed, and in serious cases, cause friction and damage the linear guide […]

Engineers are choosing this material over stainless steel. Find out why.

  What is Stainless Steel? Stainless steel is widely favoured across industries for anti-corrosion properties. So how does stainless steel prevent itself from rusting and acid corrosion? This is due to the high concentration of chromium and nickel content present in them. Most stainless steel alloys contain at least 18% chromium. When chromium is exposed […]

So many couplings, how do you choose? How do we balance our torque requirements vs bore sizes vs material required?

Have you asked yourself these questions: What’s the difference between a set screw and clamp type coupling? Can I replace my coupling with a different type of coupling? The coupling you offered looks different from mine, are they equivalent? Do you have stainless steel couplings? The regular coupling I’m using spoils very frequently, can you suggest a better one? I’ve only heard about Oldham couplings. What’s the difference between Oldham couplings and other couplings? If yes, read on.

How to confirm Online Quotation from Shafttech

Starting from 1st January 2022 onwards, all quotations and orders can now be tracked on your Dashboard! Our customers will be receiving automated quotations via our website to their emails. This new feature allows you to view and confirm your quotations using your personal online DASHBOARD on Using the dashboard, you can then track […]

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