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Maintenance-free Linear Guides – Non-bulky, fuss-free automatic lubrication system

Tired of doing maintenance for your linear guides? TRY THIS – Our new plug-and-play Maintenance-free linear guide from STAF (Taiwan) comes with a lubrication system that controls the amount of oil for you! This Lubrication system (LS) automatically releases oil to form the oil film on the rail rolling surface to lubricate the rolling elements. […]


Shafttech is now the distributor for ESCO Couplings from Europe

The ESCO brand ESCO is a family business specialized in developing, designing, and manufacturing gear couplings and disc couplings for the entire industrial market. ESCO is now known as one of the world’s highest quality manufacturer of couplings. The Shafttech Group was awarded the distributorship of ESCO couplings in Singapore, Malaysia and its other subsidiaries […]

Fenner UK – Partner of Shafttech Malaysia

Fenner and Shafttech The Fenner® brand was founded in 1861 with over 150 years of history. Subsequently Fenner was acquired by ERIKS Group, further strengthening their conveyor belting products and services to industrial customers. Shafttech Power Transmission (JB) Sdn Bhd (Shafttech Malaysia) was appointed the official Distributor for Fenner® in 2020. Since then, both companies have […]

Ball screw vs Lead screw: Differences and Benefits

Structural Differences Ball screws and lead screws are common parts used in linear motion systems. The general function of both is the same – to translate rotary motion to linear motion down a screw shaft. Now let us discuss the differences in their structure. A ball screw assembly is made up of a screw shaft […]

Our cam followers are used in virtually all industries. Find out what makes them special.

What are cam followers? A cam follower, or cam follower bearing, work together with a cam to translate rotary motion to linear movement. The cam rotates and pushes the cam follower along, creating a repeated linear motion. The cam profiles or shapes can vary widely- how the cams are shaped will determine the fluidity and […]

Ceramic Bearings VS Steel- Are Ceramic bearings worth the price?

  What are the benefits of Ceramic bearings versus steel? Why do ceramic bearings cost more? Are hybrid ceramic bearings better than steel bearings? How does ceramic ball bearings compare to stainless steel? Does using ceramic bearings translate to better performance on bicycles or skateboards/ longboards? If you are looking for answers to these questions, […]

Linear Bearing Lubrication – Tips on what to use and how to use

  Choosing the right lubrication and ensuring sufficient lubrication are vital factors in prolonging the lifespan of linear motion applications. When a linear apparatus is lubricated, it creates a barrier between the rolling element (e.g. steel ball) and the sliding contact surface which is usually either a shaft, screw shaft or rail. This barrier reduces […]

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