Which industrial belts are best for your application? Shafttech explains!
January 18, 2024 / Belts

If you are changing your industrial V belt once every 6 months or less? You might want to consider Fenner’s range of belts! In this video, we invite back Ronald from Fenner to explain how Fenner V belts achieve a longer lifespan than most. We will discuss the different types of v belts used in heavy industries and how these belts can be used in your machines.

Shafttech is the official Partner of Fenner (UK).

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Sections: 00:30 General Introduction of Fenner Belts | 01:26 Full wrap on Fenner belts | 03:23 Tyre Couplings | 02:11 How to prolong lifespan of belts under harsh conditions | 03:50 Using Wedge belts instead of Classic V belts | 5:03 Powertwist Belts | 6:10 Industry applications for Fenner belts

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